Friday, April 8, 2011

Wow - Time Vanishes in a Blink of an Eye

Wow --- I haven't blogged in forever!!!

Baseball has taken over my life -- between the boys and my board responsibilites - I don't have time to think or blog.

Good news is my lap-band journey is going so great!

I had my first band fill on 3/24 --- other than the 2.5 hour wait, it wasn't a bad experience. My surgeon's office does it under x-ray, so it was really neat to see the liquid going down and hitting the band.

I have 3.4 CC in my band now.

My two month bandiversary is on Sunday --- as of today I'm at 40.2 lost. Loving it!!!

Friday, February 18, 2011


So it was yesterday and I totally missed getting to blog about it. Yesterday, was my oldest son's birthday - he turned 11. But it wasn't a very great day for him, poor thing woke up with strep throat. So needless to say I spent two hours getting him to the dr. - strep test, flu test, antiobiotic shot (so we could still do his party this weekend out of town) and then the waiting period to make sure there was no adverse reaction to the shot. What a bummer way to spend his b-day! But he is feeling much better and we are taking him and some friends to Charlottesville, VA this weekend to the UVA/Va Tech Basketball game. Should be fun!!

Okay - now to the good stuff:

Highest Weight 331 (August of 2009 ish)

Pre-Op Diet Start Weight 311.6

Surgery Weight 300

Wait for it, Wait for it......

Week One - 290

Total lost during lapband process - 21.6 --- yippee!

And mushies were great today --- cream of wheat,  mashed potatoes and refried beans!! Yummy!!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Whaaa... (think Snookie from The Jersey Shore)

Okay --- I guess I couldn't get off pain free. I woke up this morning and the port site is screaming in pain. Every time I stand up it feels like it's ripping out of my muscle. Ouch!!!

My other big whine ---- I miss chewing. I can't wait until I have to pulverize my food. I even chewed a slice of banana and spit it out tonight just to remember what it felt like to chew. Is that crazy or what?

On a positive note, I did work all day today. It was at home on my couch - but I got through my 100's of emails, my conference calls and several high priority support issues.

All in all, still a positive experience. I'm very eager to see the results on the scale come Thursday.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Recovery continues.....

Things are still going well for me here in band land. I had to take my On-Q numbing medicine out yesterday. Not sure if any of your surgeons use this, but it was great help for the pain - not a great fashion statement though. It was a grapefruit size ball  attached to a catheter inserted just below my breast bone -- the ball was so fashionably hidden inside a fanny pack. I thought I might pass out when I went to remove the catheter, but it wasn't so bad -- I guess have two boys has built up my tolerance for the grotesque.

The discomfort is a little worse now that I don't have the numbing gel, but I did manage to get down two tylenol this morning after cutting each in half and then taking with hot chicken broth. I was so nervous. I still have a lot of gas -- but no pain, just a lot of burps and trumpees (my English Nana's lady-like word for farts). Walking definitely seems to help with this so my goal is to get in as much walking as possible.

I did manage to get to my son's basketball game and LL baseball assesments yesterday for about three hours total. It was nice to be out and see everyone -- even if I did have to wear the stylish fanny pack!!

I'm finding that it takes a lot of awareness not to just put things in my mouth when I'm making food for my kids or husband. I guess I ate more than I thought I did because it was mindless eating. Knowing I can't do that now is really making me accountable.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Officially Banded!

Well, Ladies! I'm officially banded. My surgery was at 7:30 yesterday - I also had a hiatal hernia repaired during my surgery. I had to stay the night  - my doctor's preference for everyone. I was realeased at about 11:30 this morning.

So far I'm not in any pain. I have an On-Q pouch attached to my stomach that is releasing numbing medicine. It will come out tomorrow so I'm guessing I will have some discomfort tomorrow. I had some difficulty with nausea last night but luckily I was still in the hospital so they were able to take care of it.

I'm okay with drinking the protein shakes about four ounces at a time. I'm having trouble with water though - as soon as I drink a couple ounces I have this horrible pain in my upper chest. It's the weirdest thing.

I had the gas pain in my shoulder for about 7 hours after surgery, but I don't have any of that know so overall I feel pretty lucky.


Monday, February 7, 2011

Awards Galore

Thanks so much Christine -  -- You are such an inspiration!

Here are 7 interesting factoids about me:

1. I have weird Elvis connections - my parents were married on Elvis Pressley's birthday, Elvis Costello sang the song "Veronica" and I dated a guy named Elvis when I was in high school.

2. I was a cheerleader from the time I was 5 until my 10th grade year in high school --- even though I was chubby!!

3. I graduated 8th in my class.

4. I graduated from Va Tech, however I married a die hard UVA fan --- rivalry games are very interesting in my house.

5. I eloped with my husband while I was in college --- everyone in my family thought I was pregnant!

6. I love everything crafts --- my office is full of scrapbook, stamping, sewing, etc. etc.

7. Since my grandmother died from cancer - I try to do anything I can to support cancer research.

I will get my nominees up as soon as possible --- I have three days until the big day so tons to do!!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


I received this award from Amanda @ Amanda's Waning -- thanks a so much!!
So here's the deal, I have to list 5 guilty pleasures and then nominate three fabulous and sweet bloggers.
1. A good 'romance' novel and a bubble bath. The juicer the book the better. Time just seems to float away when I have a great book.
2. COACH Purses --- I love a great handbag. Of course I shop at the Coach Outlet store and use coupons. Even then - I only buy one every year or so.
3. Tattoos. I have two, but I'd love to have more. I think my 100lb. goal gift to myself will be a tattoo along the edge of my hand (thumb side) with my band date. To remind me of everything I've gone through to get there.
4. Watching my kids play sports. Deep down I'm a very competitive person, but I've never been fit enough to play sports. Sometimes the games are so intense that my heart starts racing --- it's such a thrill - win or lose.
5. Girls Night Out --- we do this once a month in my neighborhood. There's about 12 of us and we hang out and play games and gossip --- I couldn't do without it.
Here are my nominees for super sweet bloggers:

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Wow --- I'm a bad blogger! I have not been on in a week and I feel so bad. I was nominated for great awards and I haven't even been able to accept them yet. I have been busy, busy, busy!!
Things are going well in lap-band land:
Pre-op Labs - Check
Pre-op RN Appt - Check
4 hour Lap-band Class - Check
2 Cases of Light Muslce Milk - Check
Magic Bullet - Check
Started Pre-op Diet Started 1/27 - Check
I have been doing okay on the pre-op diet - some days the hunger pains do better than others. I've been on it for 4 days now and I'm down 6 pounds - which is definitely motivating me to stick to it.
To Do:
Flinestone's Chewables
Find a Calcium Citrate --- Any suggestions?
Get my Presciption for Surgery Day Nausea
Stick to Pre-Op Diet
Does everyone go through this feeling like everything has to be done before surgery day? I feel like I'm stressing about getting the house scrubbed, all the financial papers in order and file my taxes, etc. etc. I don't know if I'm subconsciously worried that something will happen or if it's like some weird nesting syndrome. I just feel like my to-do list is growing everyday. I guess being busy is helping me get through the pre-op diet hunger - so I guess it's not so bad.
Personally - I completed the 1099's for Little League, filed the LL tax return, dealing with registration payments daily, working on thank you letters for our Rockin' for a Cure Benefit and I decided to volunteer to do the accounting for our local Relay for Life event in May. Oh and I've still managed to get my day job in too!!
One our Rockin' team member's husband was just diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer that has spread to his liver - and he's only 32. We are all staying positive and sending him our love and prayers. Please keep my friend Chris in your thoughts!
So all of this sums up where I've been and I hope I don't have to stay away this long ever again!!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

40 is fabulous....

Wow..... I feel so special! I have 40 followers - so cool!
My husband was shocked when he found out I was blogging --- well look at me know!!! I think I might be legit.
Did everyone you know want to take you out for a 'last meal'? My bff's are taking me out for steak tonight (so sweet), my parents are coming into town and taking us out tomorrow night and then I have a meeting at Bonefish for the cancer fundraising team I belong too.
Wow -- If I'm not careful I'll gain 5 pounds before I start my pre-op diet on Thursday!!!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Why now?

Well - I'm realizing that I haven't posted much about 'my story'. It's not much different than most of the stories that have been shared here in band-land. Warning - this may be a novel!
I started the chubby phase around age 10, had a traumatic event occur in the 8th grade and gained 70 lbs over the next year. I joined WW for the first time in 9th grade - but I still had confidence and didn't really let my weight stop me from living. I was a cheerleader, an FBLA officer, a Madrigal in the choir and in the National Honor Society. Before my senior year I lost quite a bit of weight and felt great. After I met my now husband - things got comfortable. I was in the low 200's when I started to try to get pregnant. Month after month I'd start my period and with all the disappointment and hormones raging I'd gain 5 pounds. I balloned up to 270 or so by the time I did get pregnant and then I miscarried. Only a few months later - I was expecting again and ironically I only gained 17 pounds. Add in a WW experience, then another pregnancy - in which I only gained 18 pounds, then the Zone, WW again, natural eating and I'm now over 300 pounds.
Why now?
My two boys - Cole and Clark. They amaze me every day. The older one is just like me - he's more shy and reserved, he's sensitive, he's a perfectionist, he does extremely well in school - he just tested for the gifted middle school and to top it all off he's a great athlete. He's been an all-star for the past three years for our LL baseball organization, he plays USSSA baseball all year long (yes we live in Virginia and it's cold outside - but they belong to an indoor facility), he's a running back on the football team and a guard on the basketball team. The younger one - I joke is my dumb jock. He is the charmer, the leader, the popular kid - we can't go anywhere where someone doesn't know him. He does well in school, but he's not passionate about it. He is our super jock -- everything comes naturally to him. He is the quarterback, a point guard and he plays LL and travel baseball too. Now that I've sounded like one of those mom's who just brags and brags -- I'll get to my point. I had an awakening one day when I realized my kids could really go places in this world and do great things -- what if I'm not there to see it? or worse what if I die young of obesity and I throw their lives off course?

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Fortune Cookies

Last week we had team members in from Europe so we had a team lunch. The boss's choice - Chinese. I went ahead and indulged in the sesame chicken so yummy. There were 10 of us - when I opened my fortune, it read:
"The current year will bring you much happiness."
Perfect, right? Of all the people at the table - I get this fortune. It's fate, I guess!
BTW.... 23 more sleeps until surgery - time is flying. Eight days until pre-op diet starts, but I've been doing the protein shakes here and there to get used to how long they will keep me full so I can time them out perfect when I start, so I hope it's not a total shock when I start next Thursday.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Banded Babe or Shar Pei?

Okay - calling all bandster veterans!! I have thought about excess skin, but I guess I really haven't THOUGHT about excess skin. Do you have any advice for those of us just starting out on this journey. Are there any magic lotions, potions, home remedies, etc? Or should I just buy stock in Spanx now???
Okay - seriously --- I'd rather live with excess skin than all this fat keeping me from living life so it's a trade off I'm willing to live with.
However, I must admit that I am a little nervous about losing 'the girls'. One of the few advantages of being morbidly obese is that I have amazing full perky knockers - I really don't want to lose them (she says as worry spreads across her face). Does this seem to be a problem for bandsters? Any advice here? Or do I just hope that my Spanx stock splits three or four times and that I can use my returns to buy new boobies!
I guess I shouldn't be too upset if someone mistakes me for a Shar Pei - they are sooooo darn cute!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


I haven't wanted to put down my weight goals - until I get closer to surgery date. I have been thinking about NSV 's I want to achieve and how awesome they will feel when I get there. No particular order --- except for number 1.
1. Sleep without a CPAP machine - or my snuffalupagus mask as one of my BFF's kindly calls it!!
2. Wear jeans without an elastic waste band - except maybe jeggings - I'd love to pull those off.
3. Wear high heels.
4. Size 18's.
5. Size 12's.
6. Weigh less than my hubby.
7. Walk up a flight off steps without getting winded.
8. Walk a 5K.
9. Run a mile.
10. Run a 5K.
11. Enjoy bath time --- (explanation - this is the time my husband and I use to re-group on Friday nights when we are super busy and don't have time for date night --- and get your mind out of the gutter it's not all about doing the nasty. It's not that I don't enjoy it now, but I'd like to get rid of the insecurities that go through my head). Hope that's not TMI!!
12. Wear a bathing suit that isn't a swimdress.
13. Get on a roller coaster without the fear of not fitting -- yes this happened to me one -- I had to move to a plus size seat at Busch Gardens Williamsburg --- totally mortifying.
14. Not have to quietly ask for a seat belt extender when I fly.
15. Shop at Victoria's Secret.
16. Walk without my thighs rubbing together.
17. Have someone not recognize me.
18. Dance like a rock star!!
Well, that's all I can think of for now. I hate that it's not an even number, but I'm sure I will have even more than these!
Thanks to all my fabulous followers - your words of support are super. My hubby is still amazed that I'm blogging and that I actually have followers, but then again it took him over a year to adopt the facebook craze and now he is addicted. Maybe he'll start a blog next.

Monday, January 10, 2011

A Date Does Exist.....

After all my ranting this weekend - I got a date today! Thanks for all the encouraging words.
I will be officially banded on 2/10 --- that's exactly one month from today.
I was hoping it would be a bit sooner, but I'm staying positive. I didn't put all of this weight on in one month, I can wait another month for surgery. I have my band class in two weeks and then start the pre-op diet on 1/27.
I'm very excited about the future!!!

Saturday, January 8, 2011


Warning - positive thoughts do not follow!
I still do not have a surgery date. I'm very frustrated!! I thought the insurance approval would be the hard part. It's been almost three weeks since I was approved. I've called the surgeon's office several times and finally Wednesday they called me back to say they schedule the surgeries in the order they are received. I was originally told 2-3 days and it's been three weeks.
I'm trying to remain positive - but I don't think it's working. The biggest problem is that I keep finding myself eating bad b/c I keep thinking I should eat it now because I won't be able to soon. But soon isn't getting here quick enough. I did buy some protein shakes today to start drinking this week - maybe they will help me focus until I get my date.
I hate that I'm being so self absorbed, especially when others are receiving far worse news. I just feel sooooooo close, but sooooooooooo far away!!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Rockin' for a Cure

The event is over! It went off without a hitch and we raised $6K for the American Cancer Society - not too bad for our first event. Hopefully next year will be even bigger, but I will be much smaller!
I did spend the whole night being paranoid about how my dress looked. My hubby was very supportive and told me multiple times how beautiful I looked (I'm in the polka dots). Next year, I will have an amazing dress and will wear it will extreme confidence!! That's a promise.