Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Fortune Cookies

Last week we had team members in from Europe so we had a team lunch. The boss's choice - Chinese. I went ahead and indulged in the sesame chicken so yummy. There were 10 of us - when I opened my fortune, it read:
"The current year will bring you much happiness."
Perfect, right? Of all the people at the table - I get this fortune. It's fate, I guess!
BTW.... 23 more sleeps until surgery - time is flying. Eight days until pre-op diet starts, but I've been doing the protein shakes here and there to get used to how long they will keep me full so I can time them out perfect when I start, so I hope it's not a total shock when I start next Thursday.


  1. We like to add the phrase, "...in bed." to our fortunes just to shake things up ~ lol.

    So excited for you! This WILL be a great year (in bed)!

  2. You're getting there, one day at a time! And the protein shakes are a really good idea - I've been trying to add them more into my day as well.

    I like your fortune!!

  3. I some times get the fortune cookie that brings the real fortune for me. It had happened in the past and I am sure that it will happen also in future.

  4. This year is going to be great!!
    We do the same as Amanda and add in bed to them!

  5. Great fortune - great things WILL be happening this year!