Monday, February 14, 2011

Whaaa... (think Snookie from The Jersey Shore)

Okay --- I guess I couldn't get off pain free. I woke up this morning and the port site is screaming in pain. Every time I stand up it feels like it's ripping out of my muscle. Ouch!!!

My other big whine ---- I miss chewing. I can't wait until I have to pulverize my food. I even chewed a slice of banana and spit it out tonight just to remember what it felt like to chew. Is that crazy or what?

On a positive note, I did work all day today. It was at home on my couch - but I got through my 100's of emails, my conference calls and several high priority support issues.

All in all, still a positive experience. I'm very eager to see the results on the scale come Thursday.


  1. Trust me you will chew again. If you don't it'll hurt!! It will go by fast.

  2. aww I feel your pain. Make sure to brace yourself when you sneeze or cough, that was the worst for me

    and I know what you mean about the chewing!
    In my first few weeks post off I would chew on pieces of ham just to chew on something!

    Good luck for thursday!

  3. LOL on the chewing part, I thought it was just me. I remember taking a handful of cheese-its and chewing them/spitting them out.

  4. Aww I feel you on the port site. I had my surgery Wednesday and my port site still hurts when I get up or down or cough or sneeze... It does get better though!

  5. Be sure to rest, rest, rest. The big difference for me in the early days was getting a good night's sleep. I believe Unisom makes a dissovable sleeping aid. I just took a regular Tylenol PM tablet myself, but if it gets stuck (which didn't happen to me) it could be a problem. For me port pain was the result of riding my bike at one week post-op and generally doing too much so be sure to take it easy.

    The no food thing is weird, but it is also sort of freeing to not have to think about food and worry about what to eat or if you should be eating that. I was afraid to start eating again. But I got over that ~ lol.