Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The wait is grueling......

I called the surgeons authorization coordinator on Friday to make sure she has gotten all the information from my three appointments and nothing. So I called my PCP and the psychologist to check up. My PCP faxed it back on 11/19 - but there is no record of it. Never heard back from psychologist. I called the surgeon back again today and she only has the Nutritional Eval -- and I just had that appointment last week. So props to her - but so frustrating waiting on the others. And it's not like I didn't pay them for those documents!! Those co-pays weren't cheap.
I must think positive though - I've got one document down - two to go.
Also -- I avoided Starbucks today and took my multi-vitamin!
Off to watch the Biggest Loser - for some more inspiration!!!

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