Saturday, December 18, 2010

Positive Changes

So I did really good all week with the no Starbucks, still need to work on the whole vitamin thing. Does anyone have any good advice?
I'm still waiting to hear if the surgeon's office has all the paperwork needed to submit to insurance. I'm off all week, so even if I have to drive to each doctor and then hand deliver it to the surgeon --- it will be done this week. I am my own best advocate!
The good news is that making these positive changes are already paying off. My consultation weight was 316 - this morning I weighed 311.4. I'm hoping to lose more while I'm waiting. I might go ahead and start the protein shakes for breakfast this week so that when I get to the pre-op diet I will already be used to them.

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  1. As for vitamins, I take 2 Flintstones chewables each day. I can handle them better than anything else.